Monitoring and awareness.

Designed with industry expert consultation, ShiftPeople uses sensor-based technologies to digitally monitor and display the location of people and things on your worksite for safety and security purposes, emergency preparedness and inventory management.

ShiftPeople’s centralized reporting portal increases the rate at which critical data reaches the decision makers in your organization, enabling them to identify trends where safety, security, and or efficiency improvements can be made.

Real Worksite Applications.

  • Personnel monitoring, mustering and evacuation
  • Traffic flow and asset location monitoring
  • Event management

Application Overview

  • Works in offshore, remote and underground locations
  • Deployed on rugged, intrinsically safe hardware, made for harsh environments
  • Web-based reporting application, highly accessible across your organization
  • RFID, barcode, and swipe card inputs available
Reduction in time to complete a site muster

Awareness of personnel and vehicles via interactive map

• Mustering and evacuation tools
• Automatic man-down alerts
• Rich reporting and analysis tools

Focus FS Speaks at Ontario Mine Contractors Safety Association

December 2016 – Focus FS recently spoke at the Ontario Mine Contractors Safety Association quarterly meeting held on December 8, 2016. The presentation will focused on digital innovation in the mining industry, specifically as it relates to worksite safety. “The response from the mining community around our Shift Rescue and ShiftProcess products have been tremendous.

Our approach to partner with industry in order to build the product from day-one has proven invaluable” said Nicole Darbaz, Director of Product Development & Marketing with Focus FS. “This speaking engagement allowed us to demonstrate the benefits of using digital technology to build a safety culture focused on safety prevention versus safety reaction. As well as debunk the myths associated with adopting digital technologies on mining sites. It was great to discuss this presentation with industry leaders in the room”. The session took place in Sudbury, ON.