The only documentation application designed by industry safety leaders.

ShiftRescue by Focus FS is an all-in-one under oxygen mine rescue incident documentation application that fully digitizes the documentation process for live mine rescue events. Conceived in partnership with Ontario Mine Rescue and designed in close consultation with leading industry safety experts, ShiftRescue maximize efficiencies in documentation, live event rescue coordination and post-event reporting.

ShiftRescue is perfectly designed for use in:

  • Live incidents
  • Competition incidents
  • Training exercises

Ontario Mine Rescue

Ontario Mine Rescue is responsible for the creation, administration and evaluation of mine rescue training and standards in the province of Ontario.

Since its creation, OMR has been internationally lauded for its commitment to high standards in training, equipment and emergency response programs, and industry-leading mine rescue practices.

Focus FS is proud to have partnered with OMR’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to create an app that truly meets the mining industry’s mine rescue needs.


A simple solution for complex documentation needs.

Transform your current manual, paper-and-pen based system into an innovative digital platform. From live event to post-event, ShiftRescue is field-tested and field-approved to meet all of your rescue team’s needs, with features like:

  • Full functionality in no-connectivity environments.
  • Live map for real-time rescue coordination
  • Simple oxygen countdown timer and documentation feature
  • Deployment on best-in-class ruggedized tablets
  • Post-event feedback and comment fields for Mine Rescue Officers
  • Convert-to-PDF feature
  • Centralized hub to keep and maintain incident documentation.

Focus FS to present at 2017 Mining Health & Safety Conference in Ontario

March 2017 – Focus FS is delighted to announce that they will be presenting at Workplace Safety North’s 2017 Mining Health & Safety Conference in Sudbury, Ontario in April. The conference runs from April 18 to 20 and features a variety of professional and community-based keynote speakers, as well as an Innovators Panel discussing mining safety.

Focus FS will be presenting one of the technical sessions on Thursday, April 20th on the topic of “Mine Rescue 2.0: Strengthening Mine Rescue Communications”. Partnering with Ontario Mine Rescue, they will discuss the findings and success of the ShiftRescue tablet application at the 2016 International Mines Rescue Competition, and how the mining industry can leverage digital information technologies to further improve worker safety.  Focus FS is grateful for the opportunity and eagerly awaits the event. For more information visit: